Every company requires fire for successful business – that symbolic, inner fire that drives executives and employees towards establishing and achieving ever new goals as well as fulfilling their set objectives. Light also plays its own role in business a�� in the clarity of business operations as well as in creating healthy, strong and a�?brighta�? business relationships. In our company fire and light play yet another, quite literal role. For over 30 years we have been involved in the tradition of candle making, our name is well known throughout Europe as a synonym for premium quality candles, but… THERE COMES A TIME FOR NEW CHALLENGES!

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An important part of our philosophy has always been to see beyond the final product. A candle has never been just an object for us, made by following clearly defined procedures and under the strict quality supervision, from certain materials in the correct ratios. We have always seen stories behind our candles, as the ancient element of fire that brings warmth and light. For example the power of memory and the depth of emotions are strengthened when someone lights a candle for a loved one, who has passed away. As also the magic of the intimate moments are enhanced with a live flame. The power of solemn ceremonies and rituals, where we traditionally light candles and thus an even deeper meaning is gained. When we started thinking about expanding the offer of our products, we naturally could not avoid what we know well and what is precious to us. We wished to combine the power and warmth of a fire in the living flame of a candle; the glow of light, that is brought to us by newfound knowledge a�� we can call it the glow of “Enlightenment”, as well as the allure and the importance of rituals in our everyday lives. We wished to join the natural element of fire, which is close to us, with the spirit of modern and contemporary. And finally, but far from the least important, we wished to make people grow closer, strengthen their mutual bonds and help them to find a few minutes for themselves in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Based on this desire, our candleholder ZEN-LIGHT was born. The power of fire in a visually perfected candleholder combined with an inspirational content, a perfect gift for anybody or yourself. By scanning the patented ZEN LIGHTA� code you receive the key to the world of wisdoms: DAILY INSPIRATIONS, STEPS TO MINDFULNESS or WISDOMS OF LOVE. You do not only gift a candle, you also pass on the ritual of lighting a fire, “enlightenment” and inspiration, which are brought upon by the additional content. This is a shift towards new awareness as well as the power of mutual contact – even if only from a distance.

Your daily idea how to cope better with life’s challenges.

Step-by-step to more awareness a�� Carpe Diem!

Spark your love life…!


  • Select a candleholder with candles.
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  • Download the ZEN LIGHT APP application on your Smartphone or tablet.
  • Use the app to scan the ZEN-LIGHT code from your candleholder.
  • Give ZEN LIGHTA� as a gift and become a part of the ritual with your loved ones a�� in person or from a distance. Let the power of fire and wisdom connect you and the gift recipient.


1.Dedicate a peaceful time for yourself, light up the candle, and prepare for your moment of inspiration.

2. Scan the ZEN LIGHTA� tag on the candle holder with the corresponding ZENLIGHT APP and receive the inspiring content.

3. Enjoy the gentle power of the flame and your moment of ZEN LIGHTA� MAGIC.


The perfect gift – for yourself or your loved ones. A gift that is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and long lasting. A gift that captures the moment and enchants it into a ritual with the power of fire and wisdom – not only once, but over and over again. A gift to bestow an experience, inspiration as well as wisdom. The gift that time and time again symbolically connects the gift giver and the recipient. Is it possible to merge all of this into one single gift? Yes! Of course it is! This is the ZEN LIGHTA� MAGIC: The Allure of the Ritual + the Power of Fire + Infinity of your Mind



  • An elegant and aesthetically perfected candleholder of modern design.
  • 4 candles/refills in subtle colours.
  • The ZEN-LIGHT application.
  • Inspiring content which enriches your spirit: DAILY INSPIRATIONS, STEPS TO MINDFULNESS or WISDOMS OF LOVE.


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